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Parrots of The World - A Majestic Species?

Many people wish to have parrots in their homes, for these birds are not only intelligent, but they are also very exotic and beautiful. Some parrot species are very majestic to look at, and this makes many owners proud of having them. However not many know on what type of parrot to buy, or what type of parrots exist in this world at the first place.

Parrots have existed for a long time, dating back to 60 to 70 million years in history. Generally most of the parrots of the world come from areas of warm climate, such as India, Southeast Asia, West Africa, United States, Australasia, South America, Central America, and others. There are more than 350 known species around the world, which commonly you can find the whole listing online.

Discovering The Vocal World Of Parrots
Parrots are among the most popular types of bird on the planet. They are really remarkable animals and many people love them for their colourful association to the world of pirates and, of course, the notion that parrots are so vocal. With a little bit more information, we can learn to further understand the world of our feathery friends and how communication is the real law of the jungle for many a bird. There are plenty of fascinating characteristics about the birds that many people are probably not aware of and exploring the facts about these incredible animals can be quite exciting for true nature lovers around the world.

Most pet owners are unaware that there are actually over 335 species of these birds worldwide. They are grouped into two families: the cockatoo and the true parrot. The term “parrot” is used for grouping the entire family and is often also used for simply grouping the true parrot group while cockatoo is used for that group. Regardless of the terminology, there is no questioning the vast variety of these colourful and exciting birds. It is no wonder the public has had a love affair with parrots for many years. They are found in most warm parts of the world, such as India and Southeast Asia.

Different Types of Parrots
Commonly, all the parrots of the world can be generally grouped into two different families, the Cacatuidae or cockatoos, and the Psittacidae or true parrots. Of these two, there are several subfamilies grouped under them as well. These include Alexandrine, Indian Ringneck, Meyers, Sun Conure and the Red Bellied Parrot. There are also subfamily Loriinae, Nestorinae, Strigopinae, Micropsittinae, Psittacinae, Platycercinae, Arinae and many other tribes categorized under these.

Generally almost half of the parrots of the world are kept as pets. This would include conures, macaws, Amazons, cockatoos, African Greys, lovebirds, Cockatiels, Budgerigars and parakeets. Although most of these are wild birds, they can adapt very well to our lifestyle, provided that everything they need is given appropriately.

Basically in the United States, there are four types of birds kept as pets. Of all the parrots of the world, these four are the most favorite as well. One such is the African Greys, which has been recognized as a superb talking bird for centuries. Another one would be the Amazons, which are known for their extreme loyalty. Besides these, the other two would be the Cockatoos with their easy going nature, and the macaws which are famous for their great beauty and discipline.

Endangered Species?
The sale of all wild caught parrots as pets is now illegal in most countries because of the extinction rate of several species of these wonderful birds. The Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species has published a report that states that several species of these birds are, indeed, endangered which prompted governing bodies around the world to outlaw the sale of many species of birds and all species of parrots that were caught in the wild for sale. Parrots are kept as pets and domesticated in many countries; however, with the Macaw and the Amazon species are still among the most popular for house pet birds.

A Guide Book May Be Useful
For beginners, there are many books on the market describing the parrots of the world. One such famous book was written by Bright-Smith, Donald J, entitled “Parrots: A Guide to Parrots of the World”. This book basically explains all about the different types of parrots that can be kept as pets and those which are categorized as endangered animals.

This particular book also explains the nature of the birds, as well as the characteristics. Such books can be very helpful for those who want to know more about parrots in general before they go and purchase one.


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